China Custom Affordable Industry Leading High Quality Durable Satisfaction Multiple Repurchase Undercarriage CHINAMFG Springs Cylinder

Product Description

Track Adjuster Assembly
Recoil Springs Cylinder
 Excavator Dozer Undercarriage PC200  PC300 

Specification for  Track Adjuster Assembly Recoil spring tensioner 
Product Name Track Adjuster Assembly
Material Steel 
Finish Smoothly
Colors Black
Technique Precision Casting 
Package Standard export wooden pallet
Delivery Time 15-20 days after contract confirmed
MOQ 1 piece
Payment Term TT,L/C
Place of Origin China

key component of track adjuster:
3.Track Cylinder 
5.Seal Kit 

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Welcome to HangZhou Ola Machinery parts Co.,Ltd!

HangZhou Ola parts is based in HangZhou,China.We specialize in spare parts of construction machinery like Track roller(Bottom Roller)Top Roller /Carrier Roller/ Idler /Sprocket/ track shoe /track link &track link assy /Bucket/Bucket tooth &adaptor (for mini excavator)/Pin&Bushing/Bolt&Nut/Grader blades and other related accessories.

Focusing on the quality
Quality is in priority of everything. We have own QC department to control the process of the products.We do Chemical composition of the raw material, dimension &appearance checking ,heat-treatment (hardness and impact value )testing and random inspection of every lot to make sure of the quality. We got the certificate of ISO 9001 & SGS.
OEM&ODM is welcomed
We can make the products as per to the customer’s request. Sample and small lot is acceptable to make the new client have a comprehensive understanding of the quality.
Customer satisfaction is our main concern
We have sent our parts to over 30 countries such as North America ,South America, Middle East & Africa and all get the positive feedback from them. Some of the customer has introduced their friends to us. We have the good relationship with them. And for you ,we are sure that we have the experience needed to help you with any type of the order. We know the standard and regulatory requirements in place for so many countries so you can confident that your order will be handled properly form start to finish.
In addition ,with our products I am sure you will success too and that is what we want to see.
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There are many different places you can go for Construction and mining Spare parts/Excavator parts/Chassis Parts(undercarriage parts ) /Earthmoving parts /Ground engaging tools . When you want to get the best quality parts at the best prices, without sacrificing quality, we are here for you! If you have any doubts , call us ,we are 7*24*365 stand by !


1.How to assure the parts you sent is high quality?

Once we received the raw material we will do the chemical composition testing and in the production our QC will do the random inspection every lot for the dimension ,appearance and mechanical property such as hardness ,impact value etc. to make sure every parts are qualified.

2.What is the payment term?
Usually 50% deposit and the balance before the shipment or against the BL copy. TT ,LC is welcomed.

3.If we want to do our Logo ,is that acceptable?
Yes ,OEM &ODM is welcomed.

4.What’s the lead time?
For the normal order ,it usually takes 15-30days after receiving the deposit as agreed.

5.What kind of the package do you offer?
Normally we used the export standard pallets ,if you have any special requirement ,we can discuss.

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After-sales Service: Online
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Crawler
Application: Excavator
Certification: ISO9001: 2000, SGS
Condition: New
US$ 100/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


limiter torque

Are there aftermarket upgrades available for tensioner rollers to improve their functionality?

Yes, there are aftermarket upgrades available for tensioner rollers that can improve their functionality and performance. Aftermarket upgrades offer alternatives to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tensioner rollers, providing enhanced features, materials, and design. Here’s a detailed explanation of aftermarket upgrades for tensioner rollers:

1. High-Performance Materials:

Aftermarket tensioner rollers often utilize high-performance materials that offer improved durability, heat resistance, and wear characteristics compared to standard OEM rollers. These materials may include advanced polymers, reinforced composites, or specialty alloys. Upgrading to tensioner rollers with high-performance materials can enhance their functionality by increasing their lifespan and performance under demanding operating conditions.

2. Upgraded Bearing Systems:

Bearing systems in tensioner rollers can be upgraded with higher-quality bearings or specialized bearing designs. Improved bearing systems can offer smoother operation, reduced friction, and increased load-bearing capacity. Upgraded bearing systems contribute to improved functionality by reducing noise, vibration, and wear, and enhancing overall performance and reliability.

3. Damping Mechanisms:

Some aftermarket tensioner rollers feature enhanced damping mechanisms to reduce belt noise and vibration. These damping mechanisms can include rubberized coatings, silicone inserts, or advanced damping materials. Upgrading to tensioner rollers with improved damping capabilities can enhance functionality by providing a quieter and smoother operation, improving the overall driving experience.

4. Tension Adjustment Features:

Aftermarket tensioner rollers may offer additional features for tension adjustment. These features can include adjustable tension springs, mechanical or hydraulic tensioners, or built-in tension adjustment mechanisms. Upgraded tension adjustment features allow for fine-tuning of belt tension to meet specific performance requirements, optimizing functionality and performance under varying load and operating conditions.

5. Performance-Enhancing Designs:

Aftermarket tensioner rollers may incorporate performance-enhancing design elements. These designs can include optimized pulley profiles, improved belt contact surfaces, or modified geometries for better belt tracking. Performance-enhancing designs contribute to improved functionality by reducing belt slippage, improving power transfer efficiency, and minimizing wear on the belt and other components.

6. Enhanced Durability:

Aftermarket tensioner rollers may offer enhanced durability features to withstand demanding conditions. These features can include reinforced construction, corrosion-resistant coatings, or additional protection against contaminants. Upgrading to tensioner rollers with enhanced durability can enhance their functionality by reducing the risk of premature failure, extending their lifespan, and improving overall system reliability.

7. Compatibility and Fitment:

Aftermarket tensioner rollers are designed to be compatible with specific vehicle makes and models. They are engineered to match the original specifications and fitment requirements, ensuring proper installation and functionality. Upgrading to aftermarket tensioner rollers that are compatible with the vehicle’s belt system promotes optimal functionality and performance.

8. Manufacturer Reputation and Quality:

When considering aftermarket upgrades for tensioner rollers, it is important to choose reputable manufacturers known for their quality products. Selecting aftermarket tensioner rollers from trusted manufacturers ensures that the upgrades will provide the desired functionality and performance improvements, backed by reliable engineering and manufacturing processes.

In summary, aftermarket upgrades for tensioner rollers offer various enhancements to improve their functionality and performance. These upgrades can include high-performance materials, upgraded bearing systems, damping mechanisms, tension adjustment features, performance-enhancing designs, enhanced durability, and compatibility with specific vehicles. Choosing aftermarket upgrades from reputable manufacturers can provide reliable improvements to the functionality of tensioner rollers, contributing to enhanced belt system performance and overall vehicle drivability.

limiter torque

Can you provide examples of products or machinery that use tensioner rollers in their systems?

Yes, tensioner rollers are utilized in various products and machinery where belt drive systems are employed. Here are some examples of products and machinery that use tensioner rollers:

1. Automotive Engines:

In automotive engines, tensioner rollers are commonly used in the accessory belt drive systems. These systems power components such as the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning compressor. Tensioner rollers help maintain proper belt tension, ensuring efficient power transmission and preventing belt slippage or failure.

2. Industrial Machinery:

In industrial machinery, tensioner rollers are employed in numerous applications. They can be found in conveyor systems, where they help maintain belt tension and alignment over long distances. Tensioner rollers are also used in manufacturing equipment, printing presses, and packaging machines to ensure optimal belt operation and power transmission.

3. Agricultural Equipment:

Agricultural machinery, such as tractors, combines, and hay balers, often rely on tensioner rollers in their belt-driven systems. These tensioner rollers help maintain proper tension in belts powering various components, such as harvesting equipment, conveyor systems, and hydraulic systems.

4. Construction Machinery:

Tensioner rollers are incorporated into the belt drive systems of construction machinery, including excavators, loaders, and cranes. They ensure proper tension in belts driving components like hydraulic pumps, generators, and conveyor systems, enabling reliable power transmission in demanding construction environments.

5. HVAC Systems:

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems utilize tensioner rollers in their belt drive systems. Tensioner rollers help maintain the correct tension in belts driving components such as fans, blowers, and compressors, ensuring efficient and reliable operation of HVAC systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

6. Power Tools:

Many power tools, such as drills, saws, and sanders, utilize tensioner rollers in their belt drive mechanisms. Tensioner rollers help maintain proper belt tension, ensuring efficient power transfer and reliable operation of the tools, even under heavy loads or high-speed applications.

7. Fitness Equipment:

In fitness equipment, tensioner rollers are commonly used in treadmills, exercise bikes, and rowing machines. These tensioner rollers ensure the correct tension in belts powering the movement mechanisms, providing smooth and consistent resistance, and enabling users to perform workouts effectively.

8. Material Handling Equipment:

Tensioner rollers are crucial components in material handling equipment, including forklifts, palletizers, and conveyor systems. They help maintain proper belt tension, ensuring reliable power transmission and smooth movement of materials in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

9. Marine Applications:

In marine applications, tensioner rollers are utilized in belt drive systems for various components, such as water pumps, alternators, and cooling systems. Tensioner rollers help maintain proper belt tension in marine engines, ensuring reliable power transmission and efficient operation in challenging marine environments.

10. Mining Equipment:

Mining equipment, such as crushers, conveyors, and excavators, often incorporate tensioner rollers into their belt drive systems. These tensioner rollers help maintain tension and alignment in belts, enabling reliable and efficient power transmission in demanding mining operations.

In summary, tensioner rollers are utilized in a wide range of products and machinery that rely on belt drive systems. This includes automotive engines, industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, HVAC systems, power tools, fitness equipment, material handling equipment, marine applications, and mining equipment. Tensioner rollers play a crucial role in maintaining proper belt tension, ensuring reliable power transmission, and optimizing the performance of these systems and equipment.

limiter torque

What is a tensioner roller, and what role does it play in mechanical systems?

A tensioner roller, also known as a belt tensioner or idler pulley, is a component commonly used in mechanical systems to maintain proper tension in belts or chains. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of various systems that rely on the power transmission provided by belts or chains. Here’s a detailed explanation of what a tensioner roller is and the role it plays in mechanical systems:

1. Definition and Construction:

A tensioner roller is a pulley-like component that is typically mounted on a spring-loaded arm or bracket. It consists of a smooth or grooved surface that comes into contact with the belt or chain. The tensioner roller is designed to rotate freely on bearings or bushings, allowing it to accommodate the movement of the belt or chain and maintain the desired tension.

2. Tension Maintenance:

The primary role of a tensioner roller is to maintain the appropriate tension in belts or chains. Tension is crucial for the proper functioning of power transmission systems. If the tension is too loose, the belt or chain may slip, resulting in a loss of power transfer and potential damage to the system. On the other hand, excessive tension can cause increased wear on the belt or chain, as well as strain on other components. The tensioner roller applies the necessary force to keep the belt or chain properly tensioned, ensuring optimal power transmission efficiency and preventing premature wear or failure.

3. Compensation for Belt or Chain Stretch:

Over time, belts and chains can experience stretching due to normal wear and tear or changes in operating conditions. This stretching can lead to a decrease in tension and affect the performance of the mechanical system. Tensioner rollers are designed to compensate for belt or chain stretch by automatically adjusting their position to maintain the desired tension. The spring-loaded arm or bracket allows the tensioner roller to move and adapt to the changing length of the belt or chain, ensuring consistent tension throughout the system’s operation.

4. Noise and Vibration Dampening:

Tensioner rollers also contribute to reducing noise and vibration in mechanical systems. The smooth rotation of the tensioner roller on its bearings or bushings helps absorb and dampen the vibrations generated during the operation of the belt or chain. This reduces the overall noise level and improves the smoothness of the system’s operation, enhancing user comfort and minimizing potential damage caused by excessive vibrations.

5. Maintenance and Replacement:

Proper maintenance of tensioner rollers is essential to ensure their continued functionality. Regular inspections should be conducted to check for signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. If a tensioner roller is found to be worn, damaged, or no longer providing adequate tension, it should be promptly replaced to prevent further complications and maintain the optimal operation of the mechanical system.

6. Applications:

Tensioner rollers are used in a wide range of mechanical systems that rely on belts or chains for power transmission. They can be found in automotive engines, industrial machinery, HVAC systems, printing equipment, and many other applications. The specific design and size of tensioner rollers may vary depending on the requirements of the system in which they are used.

In summary, a tensioner roller is a crucial component in mechanical systems that rely on belts or chains for power transmission. It ensures the proper tension of the belt or chain, compensates for stretch, reduces noise and vibration, and contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of the system. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of tensioner rollers are essential to ensure optimal performance and prevent potential issues in mechanical systems.

China Custom Affordable Industry Leading High Quality Durable Satisfaction Multiple Repurchase Undercarriage CHINAMFG Springs Cylinder  China Custom Affordable Industry Leading High Quality Durable Satisfaction Multiple Repurchase Undercarriage CHINAMFG Springs Cylinder
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