China manufacturer Excavator Bearing Ynf02573 4396755 near me manufacturer

Product Description

Excavator Bearing YNF57173 4396755

Place of Origin:

ZheJiang China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:

Excavator SK230 SH200A3 travel gearbox parts






repair parts for excavator SK230 SH200A3 travel gearbox 

Parts fixed:



Chrome steel, GCr15, Stainless steel, Plastic

Dimensions(mm) :





Spare parts or final drive assy


Excavator, construction machine


Part NO. ID(mm) OD(mm) H(mm)
184BA-2251 184 226 21
180BA-2256 180 225 22
AC5033 250 330 37
AC5836 289 355 34
AC463240 230 320 40
AC4615 230 300 35
AC4629 230 290 27
AC4531 225 315 36
AC4631 230 310 40
AC423040-1 210 300 40
AC4630 230 300 35
AC6037-1 300 370 34
AC523438-1 260 340 38
BA152-2306 152 230 26
BA222-1WSA 222 273 26
BA220-6SA 220 276 26
BA220-6WSA 220 276 26
BA240-3ASA 240 310 32
BA289-1A 289 255 34
BA260-3A 260 340 38
BA260-4A 260 340 38
BA200-10 200 280 38
BA230-7T12SA 230 300 35
BA4531 225 315 40
BA300-5A 300 380 40
BA180-4WSA 180 250 33
200BA27V-2 200 270 33
210BA29V 210 295 35
230BA27V2 230 300 35
BA280-2SA 280 370 40
BA300-4WSA 300 395 52
BD130-1SA 130 166 34
BA205-1A 205 295 40
BA246-2A 246 313 32
BA250-4A 250 330 37
BA290-3A 290 380 42
120BA16 120 165 22
180BN19 180 250 33
B-SF4454PX1 220 295 33
B-SF4444PX1 220 295 33
SF4815VPX1 240 310 34
SF4831PX1 240 310 33.4
SF4852PX1 240 310 33
SF4826PX1 240 310 33
SF3607PX1 180 225 15
SF2812PX1 140 175 17.5
SF3227PX1 160 200 20
SF3235PX1 160 200 20
SF4007PX1 200 250 25
SF4019PX1 200 260 30
SF4860PX1 240 320 38.6
SF6037-1 300 370 34
SF6015PX1 300 372 36
260BA355-2 260 355 44
CR4411PX1 220 290 32
CR6016PX1 300 380 38
BA230-7T12SA 230 300 35
LL639249/10 196.8 241.3 23.812
L540049/10 196.8 254 28.575
LM739749 196.8 257.175 39.688
544090/116 228.6 295.275 33.338
544091/118 231.775 300.038 33.338
L540048/10 200 254 28.575
561904P6X 120 170 27
36990/20 177.8 227.012 30.165
4T-T7FC065ST 65 130 37
4T-T7FC055ST 55 115 34
T2ED045-1 45 95 36
R196Z-4 196.85 241.3 23.812
AC563946AB 280 390 46
SF5235 260 330 35
HS5714 126 154 14
AC563946AB 280 390 46
BN220-1 220 280 28
BD130-16 130 166 40
310BN420 420 310  
BA345-1 345 470 45
BA195-3A 195 280 36.5
BD155-4A 250 330 37
BD155-5A 165 210 54
BD155-6A 155 198 47
BA120-7 230 300 35

Packaging & Delivery
Packing:Neutral packing, Standard Export Carton Packing
Port: HangZhou Port
Lead time: Within1-3 days after recieve the payment
Shipping: By express(DHL,FEDEX,TNT,UPS, EMS), By air, By sea.

Company information

Yingfeng Construction Machinery Ltd is a Chinese factory producing excavator parts, such as coupling, engine mount, radiator hose, cab interior, clutch, fan, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, rubber floor mat, pulley, damper, tensioner, tube, handle, oil seal, alternator, starter, water pump, etc. We also hydraulic parts, filter, engine parts, gears, bearing, undercarriage parts and OEM service. 

* Biggest Excavator Rubber Parts factory in southern China. 
* Thousands of product lines, varies quality levels. 
* More than 16 agents all over China. Plan to expand business over the world. 
* More than years of manufacture experience.
* Provide customer with OEM service & various product quality levels. 
* Office and showroom in HangZhou. 

Why to choose us?
A. More than 20 year experience in the line of the market, produce high quality excavator spare parts

B. Factory manufacturer, factory price. High quality at competitive price. Delivery time under control.

C. One-stop shopping. Our trading company found based on our factory, supply with various spare parts to meet customers’need, with high quality at company price, one-stop shopping, save time to searching the parts you need urgent.

D. Competive price with quality parts, not bad quality but cheap price.

E. Various of transportation way: Sea, Air, Bus, Express, etc

F. Parts available in stock


Q1What is your packing?
A: Generally, we pack our goods in carton box or wooden case.
Q2What is your terms of payment?
A: We accept L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram, etc.
Q3What is your terms of delivery?
A: EWX, CIF, FOB, etc
Q4How about your delivery time?
A:We will arrange the shipment within 3 days after recieve the payment.
Q5Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.
Q6. What is your international express way?
A: TNT,DHL ,UPS, FedEx ,EMS , etc

What to Look for in a Belt Tensioner

If you notice the power steering, air conditioning, or power steering stops working, chances are that your belt tensioner has been compromised. A compromised belt tensioner can be completely destroyed overnight, or it can last for a long time before it breaks. Either way, you should never drive with a faulty belt tensioner. It’s far better to have it replaced before the engine shuts down completely. In addition, replacing a belt tensioner will prevent other complications, such as power steering or air conditioning, from occurring.

Misaligned idler pulley

If the tensioner arm is not rotating freely or has an abnormal chirping noise, it could be the result of a misaligned idler pulley. If this is the case, replace the idler. If the idler does not move, you may need to adjust the accessory mount points or use a laser alignment tool. The tensioner arm is only 1 part of the tensioner.
A misaligned idler pulley on a belt tensioner is usually the cause of a squeaking noise. If this noise continues even after a replacement of the belt, it’s time to replace the whole belt. A misaligned idler pulley can also be the cause of premature belt wear. If the idler pulley is out of alignment, it could also cause the belt to wear too fast and lead to the premature failure of the timing belt.
The tensioner pulley is made of nylon, steel, or plastic. It may be flat or grooved. Before replacing it, check for any cracks, dents, or debris on the pulley’s surface. Plastic pulleys may have broken sidewalls. If the idler pulley is worn out, you might also notice squealing noises when the vehicle is in motion.
The misalignment of a belt is most pronounced when the span between the 2 pulleys is short. When the span is long, however, diagnosing the problem becomes more complicated. Small degrees of offset may not be visible to the naked eye, but a laser alignment tool can help identify these subtle variations. In order to identify a misaligned idler pulley on a belt tensioner, you must first determine its cause.
When the tensioner’s idler pulleys are out of line, a belt tensioner will not be able to properly adjust the torque that the belt is under. This may result in squealing noises. If this is the case, it is time to call a mechanic. He or she will be able to determine the cause and correct it. If you suspect the problem, your next step is to replace the idler pulley on the belt tensioner.
If the ribbed belt is not properly aligned, you may have a misaligned idler pulley. To fix the misalignment, locate the belt adjustment bolt underneath the hood. You should be careful not to damage the alternator or battery terminal while doing this task. If you do accidentally connect the battery positive to the earth, you might be able to damage the ribbed belt and ruin your vehicle’s timing.
Besides a misaligned idler pulley on the belt tensioner, another problem may be the alternator’s serpentine belt. If your car’s alternator belt is not aligned properly, you could have misaligned the alternator’s pulley or a worn-out bearing. Regardless of the cause of your problem, you should have the belt inspected.

Bad idler pulley

Having a Bad Idler Pulley on a Belt Tensioner? If this sounds familiar, then it’s probably time to change it. Idler pulleys slowly take hits while the engine is running, causing the belt to wrap and bend. Eventually, the belt will slip, and a new idler pulley should be installed to ensure optimal tension. But before you spend a dime on a new one, let’s talk about what to look for.
Symptoms of a Bad Idler Pulley: If the noise persists, there is a problem with the idler pulley or its bearing. These parts wear out over time and may eventually cause a cracked idler pulley or serpentine belt. Not only will the idler pulley create an irritating noise, but it will also damage the belt itself, leading to overheating, stalled engine, and even damage the head gaskets. Thankfully, a Bad Idler Pulley on a Belt Tensioner is easily replaced and will only cost about $40.
Although the Idler Pulley is not the most popular component on a car, it’s a critical part that ensures that the engine runs smoothly. It’s easy to overlook this part, but its failure can make it impossible for your vehicle to operate at its optimal level. Moreover, a Bad Idler Pulley on a Belt Tensioner will cause your engine to malfunction, so it’s essential that you check it at regular intervals.
If you notice a squealing noise while driving, the Idler Pulley is likely the culprit. Because of friction between the engine belt and idler pulley, the engine belt rubs against the pulley, causing it to squeak and make a clicking noise. This squealing noise will continue until the problem is repaired or replaced. It’s time to start addressing the problem before it becomes too late.
If you notice the tensioner pulley moving away from the engine, it’s most likely that the pulley is malfunctioning. A belt that is loose or slack may make it difficult to start the car, or your engine may even overheat. If this occurs, it’s crucial to replace the Idler Pulley as soon as possible, because a Bad Idler Pulley on a Belt Tensioner can seriously damage your vehicle.
The Idler Pulley facilitates the motion of the engine belt. It serves as a smooth rotating point that allows the belt to loop without a barrier. Over time, this part of the system will begin to show signs of wear and tear, and replacement is vital to protect your engine, serpentine belt, and other accessories. An early warning sign of a problem is a squealing sound coming from the engine area.

Broken tensioner arm

The belt tensioner is a piece of machinery that is used to keep the belt tight. If this part breaks, you can easily repair it yourself using a long-handled ratchet, serpentine belt tool, or a socket. To repair the tensioner, simply remove the drive belt from the pulley and rotate it to release tension. Check for roughness, resistance, or binding of the drive belt.
Noises caused by the tensioner are a sign of a damaged component or excessive oscillation. These noises are usually caused by worn internal components or the tensioner’s pivot bushing. In some cases, the vibration damping system or a worn-out alternator pulley could also be to blame. If this is the case, replace the pulley and tensioner together. To check the condition of your belt tensioner, follow these steps.
In addition to worn-out springs, a loose or broken pivot arm could be causing your belt to misalign. A worn-out tensioner pulley bushing will also cause vibrations, noise, and seizing. Lastly, a broken tensioner spring could be preventing the belt from maintaining proper tension. Broken springs are also prone to loss of tension due to heat. Damaged tensioner housing can also affect belt tension.
Once the belt is installed, you need to check the condition of the pulley and the tensioner arm. Make sure that the pulley is moving and that the arm is moving smoothly with the cranking and releasing. If the arm is wobbling, the tensioner is failing. If the pulley wobbles or excessive chattering occurs, the tensioner is failing. It can also be seized or jammed.
If the tensioner arm has broken, replace it. Replacing the tensioner can be a tedious task. Be sure to use a suitable tool to tighten the pulley and tensioner. If you are not sure of how to replace the pulley, try using a serp belt tool. Another good option is to purchase a 3/8 drive ratchet. If you don’t have this tool, you can use a long 3/8 extension and a deep socket.
The belt tensioner assembly can fall off the engine, causing damage to the timing belt. If you are replacing it, you must replace it with a new one, and tighten all of the mounting bolts before reinstalling it. To avoid further damage to the engine, ensure you replace the belt with a new tensioner and a new belt. The tensioner is bolted to the engine’s timing cover, so make sure you carefully tighten the bolts when replacing it.

China manufacturer Excavator Bearing Ynf02573 4396755     near me manufacturer China manufacturer Excavator Bearing Ynf02573 4396755     near me manufacturer